What's new?

Sep. 2021 We recently made a video that demonstrates our method to measure the acoustic transfer function of physical tube model of the vocal tract, which can be found on YouTube here.
Sep. 2020 New synthesis examples created with VTL 2.3 have been added here.
July 2020 Version 2.3 of VocalTractLab and the Dresden Vocal Tract Dataset have been released.
July 2019 Version 1.0 of MeasureTransferFunction has been released here.
Nov. 2017 The new version 2.2 of VocalTractLab has been released here. The new software TargetOptimizer 1.0 has been released here. It is a free and open-source PC software for the estimation of pitch targets from the pitch contour of utterances.
Dec. 2015 You can download the new software GlottalImageExplorer 1.0 here. It is a free and open-source PC software for the segmentation of the glottis in endoscopic high-speed films of the larynx.
Sep. 2014 A VocalTractLab API for Linux based on the VTL 2.1 sources is now available for download here.
Sep. 2013 The new version VocalTractLab 2.1 was released and is available for download here.
May 2013 New publications were added here. New supplemental material for a submitted paper (synthetic stimuli for a recent perception experiment) were added here.
April 2012 Version of VocalTractLab 2.0 was released.
Mar. 2012 The beta version of VocalTractLab 2.0 is now available for download and testing.
Dec. 2011 More publications were added.
Sep. 2010 A new publication was added (3-4).
The page "Supplemental materials" was created to provide supplemental material for selected publications, for example audio stimuli.
A new synthetic music video, which I created with VocalTractLab for the DGPP 2010, was added to the "VocalTractLab → Synthesis Examples" page.
July 2010 Some new publications added.
Feb. 2010 New logo for VocalTractLab created and added to the website header.
Jan. 2010 The new design of the web page was released. Information about the author were added (list of publications, CV).

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